Y.ZHI HOTEL Guangzhou


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Address:No.133 East Shipai Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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The hotel is located at the intersection of Pearl River New Town and Sports Center, which is located in a prosperous and advantageous area with convenient transportation. It is adjacent to Guangzhou International Finance Center, CITIC Plaza and Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is about 10 minutes' walk from Gangding Metro Station of Line 3. It takes about 15 minutes for guests to take the subway to Haixinsha Square, Guang Zhouta (small waist), Tianhe City Shopping Center, taikoo hui and other famous scenic spots and urban landmarks, and can walk to Jinan University, South China Normal University and other universities. The hotel advocates a fashionable and simple lifestyle and provides guests with a brand-new hotel experience; On the road, the scenery in your eyes and the people you meet are changing. What remains unchanged is the quality of selection, which always goes with your inspiration. Comfortable rooms use "Dream Lily Zero Pressure Bed" bedding, and adopt domestic famous brands of natural bathroom products. The hotel has complete facilities and innovative multi-functional public space, integrating restaurants, cafes and bars, creating a leisure and entertainment atmosphere through modern design, providing guests with high-quality modern life experience with light and fashionable features, and enjoying the intelligent sound system, electric curtains, intelligent cinema and 3D movies online. Li Fan Art Hotel is dedicated by famous domestic designers to build a mid-to high-end hotel, creating an ideal "home" for parent-child travel, business trip and leisure vacation.